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Caring Cat Car / Motorcycle

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Caring Cat Car / Motorcycle
Maitenance or treatment. Is a very basic thing that should be the owner of a motor vehicle. My post will discuss car paint treatment. Here are things you can do.
Avoid contact with chemicals that can damage the paint on the vehicle. For example, liquid oil, brake fluid, and when exposed to the steps that must be taken is immediately and as soon as mengkin sprinkle clean water and wipe until no trace of fluid.
When washing the vehicle to avoid using liquid containing detergent because it can fade the paint coating on the vehicle body. Use soap / shampoo special washing vehicles.
When parking the vehicle. Try not drying under the sun. This can damage the paint on the vehicle. Look for parking place protected from direct contact by sunlight.
When exposed to rain water rinse vehicle with clean water and wipe it clean. Wash better. It aims To paint on the vehicle does not leave the source of fungal staining.
Do not leave the vehicle at night direct contact with moisture as it can accelerate the onset of rust. If you do not have a garage and and forced in place on the outside of the page, use the cover / some kind of tarp to avoid direct contact with moisture.

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